Vacation on the Dniester River bank

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city and daily routine, if you want to get rid of everyday problems and dream of spending some time with your family and friends – you can hardly find a better place to stay.




We offer you a vacation on the Dniester River bank in Ustechko settlement in Chernivtsi region, about 70 km from Chernivtsi. It is a picturesque place on the bank of the river Dniester.


Those people who are in Podnistrovia for the first time are especially amazed at the unique beauty of the land by the Dniester, picturesque landscapes, a great number of natural reserves, ponds, ancient forests, the Dniester canyons, numeral underground mineral sources, waterfalls and fabulous caves. The Dniester slopes contain a great number of rare plants, animals, and birds.



Vacation on the river bank, fishing in the Dniester River, tours and excursions in the underground caves for everyone to find something to satisfy his/her taste. Here are hole reserves with an amazing vegetable kingdom and wild meadows with dozens of plant species listed in the Red Book of Ukraine and many other things. Here one can walk at the slopes of the Dniester River, go under sails or have a motor boat ride up the river, find out more about the history of Podnistrovia.


We offer our guests a vacation on the Dniester River bank in Voronovitsa settlement in Chernivtsi region. Well-appointed comfortable farmsteads of eco-tourism with two-three meals a day cost from 10 euros per day





- double rooms every one with a bathroom unit, a shower, hot water round-the-clock, a TV-set, a fridge and a microwave oven;




- pavilion, air pump swimming pool, beach chairs, and mats in the yard




- two homemade meals a day including salads, vegetables, fruit right from the kitchen garden;

- fresh milk;

- chargrill with firewood from fruit breeds;

- food market on Tuesdays;

- river beach (grass, sand);

- walking or cycling on the peninsula along the canyon;

- football, volleyball, badminton, swings, hammocks for kids and adults;




- MTS, Kyivstar and Life J coverage


Interesting tour programme:


- Excursion to the small capital of Europe – “Chernivtsi – the shiver of the Danubian Empire”

- Chernivtsi, Bukovyna, Bessarabia (Khotyn) – three-day  route;

- Yacht riding;





- Motor boat cruise;




- High-speed yacht riding;

- Excursion to the rock monastery;




- Excursion to Khotyn fortress;

- Excursion to Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress;

- Fishing in the Dniester River;

- Inflatable rubber dinghy;

- Water skis;

- Sauna;

- The Internet from mobile operators MTS and Kyivstar;

- Berries and fruit in season from the trees and bushes;

- Cold milk from the jug with a frog for VIP clients and volunteers;

- Free hayfield in season


It is impossible not to enjoy this! Smile