Planning the city sightseeing tour in Chernivtsi try to combine it with an opportunity to have a trip to the neighbouring Carpathian Mountains and our city will reveal one of its secrets showing where it derives its energy from, disclose the place which provides it with its unique atmosphere.


The ancient architecture of the European city will give place to an unforgettable nook of the wild and untouched nature of Ukraine. If you leave the Chernivtsi City in an hour you will find yourself in a special world where all your troubles disappear and you will be surrounded only by space, height, and summits wrapped in mysterious ancient legends and stories.  Here you can feel that unforgettable feeling of connection with nature and the savage bewitching environment of the Carpathians.



This land enchants people. The rivers Cheremosh and the Prut carry on their mighty tides the glory of Hutsulshchyna, its uniqueness, and peculiarity.

The coniferous forests and the healing mountain air, crystal-clear torrents and chilly glacial lakes, alpine mountainous meadows and majestic peaks with Hoverla as the queen and Pip Ivan as their king will benefit your health and leave the unforgettable impressions in your souls.




There are excellent opportunities for pedestrian, mountain, water, ski, automobile, bike, horse-riding and other types of tourism. The clear, healing air filled with the smell of fir needles and the mineral springs contribute to the healthy rest and medical therapy.




In the heart of the Ukrainian Carpathians, on the bank of the Black Cheremosh River is situated the most mountainous district in Ukraine – the settlement Verkhovyna.




At the base of Verkhovyna Tourist Informative Centre we offer our guests accompanied tours in the Carpathian Mountains with highly skilled professional guides and experienced cicerone:


-  ascending to the high Carpathian Mountains summits;

-  fascinating trips to the mountainous alpine meadows and glacial lakes;

-  catamaran rafting on the mountain river;

-  horse riding;

-  mountain bike routes with different levels of complexity;


We will provide you with country house accommodation or bungalows with all conveniences.


We also give you the opportunities:

-  to have simple walks and mountain trips by yourselves;

-  to gather mushrooms and berries in the forest of the Carpathian Mountains;

-  to swim and fish in the mountain river Black Cheremosh;

-  to feel the atmosphere of the Carpathian Mountains and to enjoy yourself in the Hutsul kolybas




Our tours to the Carpathian Mountains will help you to visit:

- The Carpathian National Nature Park;

- The Carpathian Biosphere Reserve;

- The original mountain villages of Hutsulshchyna;

- The colourful local  holidays and Hutsul ethnofestivals